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The Region
The garden Lodge is situated in an a beautiful village of the Loire Valley; Boiscommun, close to Orléans and 100 kilometres south of Paris, in the land of  châteaux and the vineyards.
Easy access from England, either by trains, boats or planes.
Boiscommun is surrounded with walks and excursions, castles and museums, churches and cathedrals, rivers and canals, lakes and forests, shops and restaurants. All to provide you with a relaxing, cultural and pleasant stay.
The region caters for all tastes, from long walks in the forest, gardens and parks along the rivers and the lakes, to cruises on the canals, from aquatic sports, cycling on the quiet roads and paths, to horseback riding, ballooning and golfing without forgetting all the different events across the region from ‘sons et lumières’ in the castles, country fairs to classical recitals and  historical re-enactments.
The village of Boiscommun enjoys a XIII century church and the ruin of a former castle together with beautiful gardens and an old-fashioned atmosphere.
The village is well supplied with all the essential food and souvenir shops as well as antique dealers.
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