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Should you wish to contact us for any complementary information or to inquire about a booking please feel free to do so.
Unfortunately and due to the nature of the business — since available dates are always changing as well as late minute bookings —, we are not able to provide a booking form on line, for you to make a direct booking; therefore we invite you to contact us directly either by Email or by phone.
we are English speakers and would love to speak English to you. Should they be switched on, the answering devices use French but are happy to accept English spoken messages — .

Telephone number: 00 33 238 33 89 95this number is complete from England —.

Once your chosen period of booking is confirmed as being available; we will send you a booking form either via Email or via the Post Office for you to complete and return to us completed; we provisionally keep all unconfirmed bookings for two weeks before receiving your confirmation deposit, unless another confirmed booking is made in the meantime.
Should you want to secure your booking within a few days, please ask us about direct bank transfer.
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